Kate Spade Drawstring Opus Purse & A Warning

To Well Heeled & Revanche

I got this bag at Nordstrom Rack maybe 2-3 years ago for $200-something.

The straps are patent leather.  I’ve used this bag to DEATH.  The handles are long, and extremely comfortable.  This is my default, go-to bag.

BUT. See below.  The straps are breaking.

A lot of the Kate Spade bags have this type of strap.  The reason why it is breaking?  It may be because the material is patent leather.  Patent leather isn’t very bendable.  The straps are long, and as such they ‘fold’ down when not rested against something.  I’m not sure if the regular leather will do this, but this is just a quick review and warning to those who want these types of KS purses.

♥ E&I