February 2013 Budget Recap

*NOTE: This budget is for shopping/food/gas only, or expense that I can control fully. I’m not including fixed expenses (mortgage, utilities, medical bills) because they’re fixed and honestly pretty boring to talk about. My TOTAL spending is not reflected in this budget. “Food & Dining” = Eating Out + Groceries *

Blown Budgets:

1. Food & Dining  (this category is eating out PLUS groceries together)

2. Groceries

I’ve been buying a lot of food in bulk from Costco along with some other general merch (paper towels, detergent, etc.)  I tend to categorize my transactions a bit later than the actual date, so I’m thinking a lot of the spending was shoved into the “groceries” category.  But oh well.

Overall budget:


The Verdict?

Hooray!  Despite breaking my food budget I miraculously ended up in the green.  I think it’s mainly because I’ve been focusing my efforts on 3 things:  cooking, going to the gym, and making YouTube videos.  I haven’t been to the mall in a month.  I occasionally browsed Marshalls and Target but I didn’t find anything “fun” that was worth buying.

Oh!  And a new tip.. I just started using Unroll.me (a FREE service) so my email inbox doesn’t get clogged up.  I’m signed up for a TON of deal sites and even though some of the deals can be good, a lot of it is just junk.  Unroll.me will send you one mass email per day (if you wish..you can edit the frequency) of ALL of those email subscriptions.  I highly recommend it.  You’ll see all of your emails broken up into different categories and their email subjects.  I think this also helps out with compulsive spending.. I don’t see the shopping deal sites as often, so I shop less.

Next months plans:

  • This weekend Justin and I will be completing a scuba diving certification course to prep ourselves for Fiji in May.
  • Justin has moved everything in!  We’ll be doing some spring cleaning especially in the garage.
  • Continue going to the gym at least 2x per week.  I’m on day shift now, which makes it harder, but I think I can do it.

♥ E&I