How I Organize My Online Documents

Before Google Drive, there was Google Documents, and even before that there was Google Notebook.  I’ve tried Evernote… it never really took off with me.

But Google Drive has really stuck with me.  Mostly because I organized it by pretty colors!  If you hate looking at it then you probably won’t use it, right?  When I was in high school & college, I tried the pretty paper planner route.  But truthfully I hate my handwriting and I didn’t like crossing out things when plans or ideas changed.  I love having my ideas online because I can access them from anywhere and the space is limitless!

This is my Google Drive folder.  Pinterest is great for organizing visual inspiration, but the bulk of my thoughts, ideas, and drafts go here.  The folders are alphabetically sorted, and I chose the colors in the order of the Google Drive color selections.  Ahh. Pretty rainbow.

How do you organize your life?  Notebook?  Planner?  Smartphone App?  Is it effective for you?

♥ E&I

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