Konad Stamping 101

I bought my first Konad stamping kit in 2009 through Ebay for under $10 and my first 4 images plates were Konad brand, approximately $6 each.  It does take practice to stamp your image in the location that you want… truthfully I’m still working on my technique.  Even 4 years later, once in a while I have to re-do a nail over again if my image placement is completely off.

I’ve had quite a few comments saying that nail stamping = cheating.  Cheating? Really?  I’ve also received complaints saying that I should do more freehand nail art videos…..I don’t do freehand nail art.  This is just how I do my nails.  Sometimes I just want to apologize for upsetting some people but then again, why do I need to apologize?  There’s no hope in pleasing everyone so I’m trying to just let it go. :)

I’ve provided all of the stamping plate info in the description box if you decide you want to purchase the same materials.  It’s your choice whether you’d like to purchase or not.  And if you decide not to stamp, freehand is another option.  Just about anything can be painted on using a fine nail art brush or nail art pen.

Nail stamping is a tool.  It’s the same as a nail art brush or dotting tool.  It’s one more way to play around with your nail art look.  I am not comfortable with painting freehand nail art.  My freehand skills are not up to par with other more proficient and talented nail artists.  I’ll either leave the polish alone and add a glitter accent finger, or I do Konad nail stamping.

I wanted to make a video on the basics of Konad because surprisingly a lot of viewers were new to the product.  Hopefully this answers your questions.  Nail stamping doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can purchase a stamper and scraper online for under $10 and a single plate from $0.99 to $7 each.

Anyway… I hope you find this video helpful.  :)

♥ E&I