Shopping vs. Priorities

(This will most likely be a rambling post… just a forewarning)

I’m the type of person that gets REALLY hooked onto hobbies when I’m first starting out.  It happened with my Etsy store in 2009 (I’ve since put it on hiatus), extreme couponing in 2011, and now it’s happening with my YouTube channel.  I tend to get very focused (even up to a fault) on that project/hobby/interest and it feels like shopping and spending money falls to the wayside.  To keep myself sane  while working my 9-to-5 job I feel the need to regularly flex my ‘creative muscles.’  I think it helps me feel fulfilled as well.  I used to think shopping was pretty harmless but it DOES happen more when I’m bored or feeling bad about myself.

These hobbies all have one thing in common… saving money or increasing cash flow.  Now that I’m partnered up with StyleHaul I’m trying to focus creative energy towards creating YouTube videos for the next 3 months to set up an earning baseline.

…lol even when I’m not trying everything still comes down to personal finance.

I forgot where I read this, but it is true that ‘you can save as much money as possible, but it will be nowhere near as effective as earning more money.’  There is no earning ‘limit’ you can hit compared to saving money.  You can only save so much.

I feel really really lucky that my Etsy and YouTube hobbies have the potential to earn some money on the side.  When I was first starting out with YouTube I was (and I still am) happy to earn even $2/day.  Every little bit helps!  I’m still very new to the world of making YouTube videos and how the community works.

Anyway I guess the point of this post is that when I become absorbed into a new hobby, shopping sort of falls off the list of things to do.  Buddy’s getting older now too… and spending time with him is very important to me.  Spending time with Justin is also very important (obviously).  Being healthy is important.  Saving money is important.  Earning money is important because I can then support myself and my family.  As I’m getting older I’m trying to make smarter choices with my time and resources.  I know that as a teenager and an early 20-something shopping was a big time rush and something to do “as a hobby.”  But I’m trying to find more fulfilling things to do.  Buying a Chanel purse (what, two years ago?) was a very fun shopping highlight for me but doing DIY projects, working out at the gym, spending time with family are really doing much more for me.  Of course I still do love shopping but I’m (hopefully) realizing that spending time buying things that just sit around isn’t really a good use of my time.  

Who knows maybe next week I’ll turn it all around and go on a crazy shopping spree (hey I’m human)… but hopefully not. ;]

♥ E&I