Confessions of a Male Shopaholic and How I Can Relate

I wanted to do a quick post to share this amazing article written by Buzz Bissinger for GQ, a man addicted to Gucci.

A few highlights that I’d like to share:

I have an addiction. It isn’t drugs or gambling: I get to keep what I use after I use it. But there are similarities: the futile feeding of the bottomless beast and the unavoidable psychological implications, the immediate hit of the new that feels like an orgasm and the inevitable coming-down.

Hellooooo déjà vu.  I’ve never considered myself a shopping “addict,” per sé, but buying things..even the littlest, mundane, everyday things can give me that same feeling.  When I walk to the car to drive to the mall, or when I’ve just parked at the mall parking lot and I’m entering the stores, I get this strange quickening feeling.  It’s as if I need to get in FAST.  I’m just TOO EXCITED.  Nowadays, 80% of the time I come out unscathed.  Sometimes when I’m perusing the aisles of giant Forever 21 stores with their color coordinated sections, I snap myself out of my retail dreams and think, WHOA! What the heck am I doing here?  And I immediately shake it off and walk out before I am tempted to buy something.  (I swear the warehouse-sized Forever 21’s today suck you in to buy because of their sheer size… they’re so overwhelming now!)

I’d say I’m pretty good at restraining myself but WOW does it feel good to find something that:

  1. Fits you
  2. Is a good deal (in my eyes)
  3. And heyyy lucky me it’s JUST what I needed! 😀

*commence skipping out of the store with shopping bags in hand*

And then when I get home I’m welcomed by overstuffed drawers, piles of clothes in the laundry, and pairs of shoes that I’ve only worn twice.  Sigh.

I like turning around and seeing the poor lost souls in the gulag of the higher rows. I hope they hate me, chattering chipmunks trying to figure out who the f*** is this poseur, or however it’s said in Fashion Italian. Then again, I don’t see them dressed to kill, in an $8,000 Gucci pony-hair jacket that no one else in the U.S. has and wax-coated black jeans, shiny and sheeny and sizzling.

It really is all about appearances, isn’t it.  If nobody’s there to see your new goods, then what is the point?  Even if my real life friends/coworkers don’t see it, there’s always Instagram, Facebook, blogging…  *Guilty as charged over here.*  I just wonder if there will be a time when I’ll ever stop caring.

There’s a fine line between expressing yourself creatively and showing off.  Maybe they’re one and the same.  Is that all bad?  Is feeling awesome about yourself because of A, B and C really that bad?  Is it only okay if you’re not hurting anyone else in the process?


There’s also something about the change of seasons that really ramps up the advertisements and color combos at retail stores.  SPRING!  MINTCORALPASTELS!  Rainbow hologram EVERYTHING!  Lucite crossbody neons!  Floral prints on acid!

It’s so strange… I never thought I would covet floral pants, but here I am thinking about a ridiculous pair of floral pants that I saw on a YouTube haul video.

Fashion….the concept seems so harmless but this industry incredibly powerful.

♥ E&I