My Nail Care Routine

❤ Strengthening ❤
My #1 suggestion:
Use a nail strengthener in between polish applications. When I’m taking a break in between manicures, this what I use. I suggest OPI’s Nail Envy for natural nails. If you want something with a bit of color and coverage, try Julep’s oxygen nail treatment. It is formulated as a kind of makeup for nails and also helps strengthen and prevent splitting.

❤ Filing ❤
My current preferred nail shape is between a square and a soft oval.
After trimming with nail cutters, I shape my nails using a very fine grit nail file.
What file do I recommend? Something very smooth and fine.. nothing too gritty.
File straight across in one direction.
Then round off the corners a bit.

❤ Moisturizing ❤
I use Aveeno lotion and the Julep Cuticle Stick
Or use olive oil! Cheap and easy 😀
I try to make it a habit to moisturize before bedtime

❤ Cuticles ❤
If you were wondering, I don’t cut or remove my cuticles.
When I am moisturizing and I happen to remember, I will push them back using an orange stick or cuticle pusher.

❤ Whitening / Yellowing Prevention ❤
To whiten and prevent yellowing, I use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
I’m trying to do this at least once a week.

♥ E&I