Happy Friday! And a blog post to share.

I just wanted to wish you a happy Friday 😀

And I just read this blog post that I think would be beneficial to anyone who is a social network junkie like me.

Pressures of social media

I’ll be working on filming another nail tutorial tomorrow morning, then going to Justin’s Portugese club picnic, then another family gathering for dinner. Sunday will be mostly hanging out with my parents and driving over our old fridge to them since they wanted another one in the garage.

I just recently bought a vintage 1997 Chanel flap. It’s coming to me in the mail soon….That’s definitely a personal finance-blogger fail right there. I’m excited to get it but I do honestly feel a bit guilty.

And I’m nervous that tomorrow’s filming will not go well.. most times I get lucky and everything turns out peachy… but sometimes not. I’m scared that since I don’t have a lot of filming time that maybe I won’t be able to squeeze in time this weekend.

I also was told today that if I want more [YouTube] “subscribers, show some personality.” Ouch. Am I really that boring?

Anyhoo. Happy Friday. 😀 I’m trying not to let that last comment get to me.

Do you have any weekend plans? :)

♥ E&I