A few things I have learned from making YouTube videos

  1. People can be either incredibly nice….. or very critical.  No holds barred.
  2. The majority of my of YouTube viewers are under the age of 20.  And female.  I was surprised to find most of them are so young (I’m 27).  Maybe I should have expected that :)
  3. The YouTube community is very different from Facebook/Twitter/Blogging.  People are very enthusiastic about feedback.. positive or negative.
  4. Accusations of plagiarism are rampant, and it depends on when and who uploaded before someone else.
  5. If someone doesn’t reveal their face on YouTube, people complain.  This isn’t an issue of mine but I’ve seen it on other channels.
  6. Most people do not read the description box and instead comment to ask about info that is in the description box.
  7. When it comes to YouTube, my sense of time is skewed. A week seems like forever ago.  I’ve seen many YouTube channel owners apologize for not uploading a video… but in reality it has only been a week or 2 weeks since the last upload.

I guess most of it is negative.  :T  YouTube is an entirely different beast compared to the other social networks I am used to.  I now notice (more than ever) a lot of the negativity on popular YouTube channels. I strongly feel that if you put yourself out there, in anything you do… be it performing, dancing, singing, presenting, public speaking, creating art, creating music, or expressing yourself….  It deserves respect.

I don’t believe in putting someone down (to their face or otherwise) just to express my opinion of them.  I believe in free speech, but I also believe in civility and respect.


♥ E&I

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