DIY Nail Art Decals Using a Printer & Decal Paper

– Inkjet printer
– Photo editing software
– Topcoat
– White nail polish
– Clear coat spray (any brand) from your local hardware store
– Clear “water slide” decal paper

The paper I bought from Ebay:

You can find it on Etsy as well:

1. In your photo software, resize your desired image to fit your nail
(I made my images ¼” wide to fit my nail beds)
2. Print on normal paper first to test out the size & resolution
3. Once image is good, print your images on water decal paper
4. When your ink is dry, seal with 2 thin coats of clear coat spray. Let dry
5. Cut out your images carefully and leave as little space as you can between the edge and the image
6. To make the decal stand out, paint your nails white and let dry
7. Dip the decals in water for a few seconds
8. Gently slide the decal off the paper and apply them to a wet nail to easily slide it into position. (You can dab it with tissue to soak up any extra water after the placement is finalized.)
9. Then seal with topcoat!

Decal Ideas:
– friends, family
– Birthdays, graduations (class of ____!)
– Pets
– Sports teams
– Travel destinations
– Favorite cartoons/mascots/characters from TV, movies,etc
– Holidays
– Music groups
– Text
– Basically you can make whatever you want!

General tips:
– I do not recommend creating full nail designs as bigger designs can pucker and won’t lay flat
– If your nail beds curve a lot, narrower designs will fit better and lay flatter
– Be careful when using spray gloss in a can! Do it outside in a ventilated area