Our New Zealand/Fiji/Australia Trip! FIJI! (Part 2)

(Go here to see Part 1!)


Here we are again with another vacation post!  After one night in Auckland we flew to Nadi, Fiji.  Nadi is where the country’s main airport is located.  We stayed at the Sheraton Fiji Resort for our entire Fiji stay.  I kind of wish we hadn’t, but we’ll get to that later.

Here’s the lobby. I had never seen such an impressive lobby in my life.

Sheraton Fiji Resort

Facing the road:

One really nice perk was having access to their free internet cafe including wifi. So we had to save up all of our IG/FB pictures and post it all at once when we got home from our beach excursions.  (lol) It is pretty difficult to get wifi in Fiji unless you hunt for an actual internet cafe establishment.

The lobby extends from the valet all the way to the pool.

What’s nice about staying in the Starwood properties in Fiji is that you can use any pool facilities that is part of the Starwood family, namely Westin or Westin Denaru Villas.

Freaking gorgeous.  There are a few restaurants by the pool with an ocean view as well.

Man made beach & pool area:

I wish I had a pool like this ;D

Feast is their resident buffet….. We only ate their for breakfast but I think it was pretty pricey.  I forget the actual amount though, because the Starwood properties have this tricky way of making you spend more money…. You bill ALL OF YOUR PURCHASES to your room and you don’t see them until you leave.  SNEAKY.  There are no signs indicating buffet prices.  That’s how they get you ;D

The Sheraton Fiji Resort is located on “Denaru Island,” which isn’t an island at all.  It is a man made resort island that has several big resort chains, a golf course and a sea port.  As you can see the water isn’t very clear here and it isn’t what you’d expect Fiji to look like.  But it is beautiful… well manicured, convenient, and safe.  Denaru island is only 20 minutes from the Nadi Airport.  There’s only one entrance and exit and it’s gated.

Here are the Sheraton Fiji rooms… we stayed on the 2nd floor.

Luckily we had a nice little beach view.

If you didn’t already know, I HATE MOSQUITOS.  One bite will plague me for 2 weeks.  I was so worried about Fijian mosquitos that I bought my own little pop up mosquito bed net that fits over a full sized bed.  (I know… paranoid.)  I had read a review on Tripadvisor saying that they didn’t have mosquito nets and mosquitos were all over the gardens… but luckily that wasn’t the case.  Phew.  I’m thinking maybe it was because that reviewer was staying during the wet season but I can’t be sure.  May is when we visited and by that time the dry season had started.

Our room:

The swankiest hotel bathroom I’ve ever had:

Port Denaru is only a few minutes drive from our hotel and it’s the gateway to the picturesque Fiji islands that you see in postcards… the Mamanucas and the Yasawas.  There’s a shopping center…Hard Rock Cafe…and a few souvenir shops.  Like Auckland… shopping is pricey.

We booked a Captain Cook day cruise to Tivua on our first day out.

Pretty much everyone we met at the hotels and cruises were Australian.. I guess you could say Fiji is to Australia as Hawaii is to the USA.  There were a lot of kids around but we didn’t mind in the slightest.

*tahdahhh* Tivua island!  You can walk around the entire island in 10 minutes.  Wow just looking at this photo makes me sad.  Beautiful, no?

Tivua Island

I’d also like to point out that if you decide to go to Fiji.. take note that the SUN IS INSANELY STRONG.  The sun rays are so intense that even after 30 seconds of leaving the shade you can feel it really PENETRATING your skin.  And because of this, we wore hats, lots of sunblock, rash guards and stayed in the shade as much as we could.  So if you go, cover up! 😀

Once we arrived we had a Fijian kava ceremony.  We didn’t try the kava drink during this specific excursion though but I’ll talk about it when we finally do :)

Justin’s Fijian beer:

The day trip cruise included a Fijian BBQ lunch… fish, lamb sausage, pasta, potato salad and delicious fresh fruit.  Fiji pineapples are amazingly sweet!

Singing & uke during lunch time:

I bought 2 pairs of linen pants prior to the trip and they worked out beautifully! (Roxy & Volcom)  I still felt cool and it protected my skin from the sun nicely.

The water was so beautiful.

Time to go back to the resort :(