Our New Zealand/Fiji/Australia Trip! FIJI! (Part 3)

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The bad thing about staying on the main Viti Levu island (where the airport is), is that the beautiful islands are hours away from the main island.  I guess its true that if you want to feel like in the middle of nowhere…. you have to get there. ;D For day trips to the Mamanucas or Yasawas, the journey there is at least an hour away by ferry.  Some islands can take up to 5 hours to get to.  To get to Octopus Resort in the Yasawas, it took about 3 hours each way.  We only spent about 3 hours on the resort itself before we had to go home again.

The ride was worth it though.  Octopus resort is small and very beautiful.  Doesn’t it look like a scene from Lost?

Behind the little huts is the small Octopus resort.  Paradise found!

Neon sunnies from Forever 21 served me well during this trip 😀

Unfortunately the waves were too choppy for us to snorkel that day so we relaxed on the beach

Delicious drinks awaited us as we stepped off the boat

We’re not the type to sit and relax on the beach for too long, but it was a good time regardless.

There were tiny little crabs and hermit crabs everywhere!  We found one with a number on its shell, presumably for hermit crab racing 😀

The water was crystal clear

Excuse my pasty legs ;D

I think if I ever go to Fiji again, I would like to stay on an island resort in the Yasawas instead of on the main Viti Levu island.  The scenery is much more beautiful there and since the day trip was extremely short, it’d be worth it to stay there instead.  The Octopus Resort isn’t that big so they come up with a lot of activities to keep you busy:

If the ocean is too choppy, there’s a nice pool area and beanbag setup to lounge around in

We had a nice lunch at the main restaurant

Justin had the Fijian Dish with grilled fish and I had the curry 😀

The dining area is built right on the beach… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sand floor before this

Again the sun was SO intense so we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible

To cool down we ate some ice cream :}

Soon it was time to say goodbye and take the loonnggg ferry ride back to our hotel.

The infinity pool at Sheraton Denaru Villas

This was my first time at an infinity pool 😀

outfit:  Wildfox tank ($15 at Crossroads! woo!), Volcom linen pants, Urban Outfitters necklace


My dad is a certified diver and when I was around 12 I first went scuba diving with him in the Philippines… since then I’ve always wanted to get certified.  Justin loves the ocean and I figured, hey were going to Fiji…when will we ever go back again… we should get certified and go diving!  Justin was scared of sharks and he’s a little claustrophobic, but he agreed.  I’m so proud of him :)

After finding our way through the Momi Bay resort, we arrived at the Scuba Bula dive shop 😀

Scuba Sam was our dive instructor… I can’t recommend him enough! He was extremely patient, professional and kind.

The dive shop cat 😀

Admittedly we were pretty nervous on the way to our first dive site!!!  This was Justin’s first time diving in open water and I was pretty scared of completing the diving tests at 60 feet below the surface.

But we did it! 😀  The not so fun part though.. was that I got bit by some sea lice on my hands on that rope:

…thankfully those bites disappeared within a few days.

Boo! 😀

We saw this tiny Spanish Dancer nudibranch (like a kind of sea slug that swims) that was BRIGHT RED but the camers couldn’t pick up the color without a special filter.. you can let it land on your hand!

Justin saw a few sharks during our dives and he felt better about his fear of sharks 😀 😀 😀

On our last dive (4 out of 4) we swam through an underwater CANYON! This dive site was actually named “Canyon” but I figured we’d be swimming over it… and not through it.  We got quite a shock as we were entering because we didn’t expect it but it was seriously one of the most amazing things we have ever experienced.

Entering the canyon:

I’m the one wearing the grey fins and Justin is in front of me

It’s too bad we didn’t have that filter because our camera couldn’t pick up the brighter colors :[

Sea cucumber:

Giant clam: (I think these are protected)

I’m so glad we decided to do it :)  Justin on the right, and me on the left:

After we completed the tests and dives… we were officially certified!  SO PROUD!!!

We had a small kava ceremony to celebrate.  Kava is made from a plant root that is traditionally used for social gatherings and for welcoming new guests into the home.  It’s supposed to relax you but we didn’t drink enough of it to feel that… honestly it’s not very tasty ;D

That’s it for now 😀 More posts to come!

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