4th of July Nail Tutorial (Konad Stamping AND Freehand)

Originally I was on the fence about making a 4th of July look… I’ve never done a patriotic mani and I wasn’t sure I could do anything new or interesting since stars and stripes can’t really be changed much.

I asked on Instagram about feedback and I was encouraged to do a stamping AND freehand design so hopefully everyone will get a little bit out of it :)

★ Materials:
Revlon Red Hot Tamale http://amzn.to/125GUGg
Sinful Colors Snow Me White http://amzn.to/17ovsP5
Revlon Royal http://amzn.to/13jXZmt
Revlon Metallic http://amzn.to/10qzMIc
Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty
Synthetic Brush
Zoya Remove http://amzn.to/14UI6me
Konad Stamper & Scraper set  http://amzn.to/16L4nkQ
SH214 Plate from this Shany set  http://amzn.to/11eDH8d
…or buy this SINGLE plate http://bit.ly/193EpdB
Winstonia W107 plate from this set http://bit.ly/16QBrfd
Konad white polish http://amzn.to/Z6duKF
Fine nail art brushes http://amzn.to/ZUEZmE
Dotting tool http://amzn.to/17pdMjf
…or use a bobby pin
CND Stickey Base http://amzn.to/XBrttP
Seche Vite http://amzn.to/Yb1697