My Job Outlook is Changing

If you had asked me in high school or college what my #1 goal was, it would have to be:

Studying hard and finding a good job.

Here I am, less than a month from turning 28… I’ve and achieved that. But it doesn’t make me very happy. I’m in a field that I’m not passionate about. But it pays the bills. I have good days, and bad days, and I still get satisfaction from getting tasks done, but… It’s not what I love doing.

Justin’s dream is to play music and live in Hawaii. I’m still not sure what my dream is, but it would definitely have to be related to creativity.

With friends passing away I’m thinking… If I died tomorrow would I regret not pursuing something more creative? Would I be crazy to quit my job and focus on making YouTube my main job? Is YouTube a sustainable job? Will I be 50 years old making nail tutorials for young girls? I’m not so sure of that either.

Ever since I was little I’ve had it beaten into my brain that studying hard and a good job will be my life’s goal. Now I’m not so sure anymore.

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