Our New Zealand/Fiji/Australia Trip! FIJI! (Part 4)


Resort food was on heavy rotation during our Fiji vacation. Justin and I are coffee addicts so every morning we would get a “flat white” (Australian/New Zealand/Fiji coffee drink that’s similar to a latte) at the Pantry, the resident coffee shop.

Most days they’d provide free donuts with your coffee! Yum.

This was (sadly) the cheapest food you could get at the resorts. One slice of pizza = $3.85 USD at the time of this post.

It’s a good thing that apple soda isn’t sold everywhere in the USA… or else I’d be drinking a LOT of soda.  This variety is made in New Zealand:

We also tried out the Fiji Hard Rock Cafe by the port… it was alright. It looked better than it tasted, honestly. Too bad.

Garlic naan pizza:

Chicken satay skewers:

The tap water isn’t safe to drink so Fiji water is prevalent there. Prices are expensive.. pretty similar to the price in the USA, actually.

Coral Cats Catamaran Cruise!

We booked the Coral Cats catamaran cruise at the hotel lobby and luckily there were only 8 passengers booked that day, including us.

They had giant bean bags for lounging and taking naps… genius idea.

We visited another island resort (I forgot the name unfortunately) for lunch and a nice stroll.

Coral farming by the dock:

One of the crew climbed a coconut tree and grabbed some for us to drink:

After lunch, it was time to go snorkeling!

We also visited this tiny little sandbar in the middle of nowhere.  Beautiful.

On the long journey back to the resort, the crew entertained the guests by weaving palm fronds into little gifts:

The day trip was very intimate we had an amazing time…. Sigh. I wish I could go  back.