A New Start

Hi everyone :)

I’ve been lagging on blog posts lately but I’m back with an announcement…if you already could not tell.

I finally bought my own domain and my old blog links (elleandish.wordpress.com) will now redirect to this new site. I’m still working out the kinks, since this is my first time self-hosting my blog. Let me know if you see any buggy issues and I’ll try to fix them. Coding isn’t my strong suit (I majored in computer science for 6 months and switched out because I HATED IT) but I’m learning and growing as I go along.

I’m *pretty* sure that my RSS feeds have been updated to reflect the change, but… if not then oh well.

Some new fun changes…

I updated my nail art gallery so it’s a bit easier to view:

And I have my YouTube feed underneath:

As well as a real-time Pinterest and Instagram feed on the sidebar of the main blog page. You can also now pin an image directly from the image itself! Just hover over the corner.

Phew! I wanted to do a different customized layout but this will do for now. I really like the clean look of it.

Thanks for sticking with me. I’ve been blogging for roughly 4 years now and I still feel like a newbie at it.