OPI Headquarters & Beautycon 2013!

Phew! What a weekend!  At Michelle Phan’s Generation Beauty event in LA I met some amazing & inspiring ladies… That was my first YouTube/beauty-related event.  They suggested that I attend Beautycon in August so I signed up for BFVA (Beauty & Fashion Vloggers Alliance) and was able to attend!


Since I was down there, OPI reached out to me to give me a tour of their headquarters in North Hollywood.  Needless to say I was grateful to have this kind of opportunity…  OPI is one of my favorite nail polish brands and the quality & colors are top notch!




I wasn’t able to take photos or video in the manufacturing facilities because there were products being made that were not released to the general public yet.  But I was able to take a photo of their product room, where all of their finished products and displays are stored:



I have never seen so many Nicole by OPI shades before:


Photos were allowed outside so I was able to snap this OPI CAR!


They also have a nail salon room for testing out products… They were kind enough to offer me a free professional manicure!  I do my nails myself so it has been a while since I have had a proper manicure with all the bells and whistles.



They used the OPI “You’re a Budapest” on me but later on I added a few touches of my own.


My friend Crystal from cryskay.com was generous enough to let me stay at her place for the weekend.  Thank you Crystal!!!!  I was so happy to meet her furry baby, Russ:



The first event was Industry Night at YouTube Space LA.

Some notable speakers:  Leslie Blodgett, creator of Bare Minerals, Wendy from WendysLookbook, Mr. Kate, Christina Milian, & Sophia Bush:


They gave out a giant swag bag filled with goodies, with this mini Lorac Pro palette as the highlight (in my eyes)



We stopped by Little Tokyo for boba and ramen afterwards :)  From left to right: K.L., Christen, Mel, Crystal



Ramen at Shin-Sen-Gumi



The next day we met up for brunch at 26 Beach:



…and I ordered the biggest French toast of my LIFE!  YUM.



We also took a stroll around the Venice canals… I used to go to college in LA but I never visited.

The BeautyCon pool party at the Roosevelt was surprisingly more fun than I thought it was going to be…. I met and chatted with a few amazing people there but very few people went swimming. :)



They had a hair curling station at the event so I decided to take advantage :)



Ann and K.L. DIY’ing poolside:



We stopped by MILK to taste their famous desserts.. I bought some delicious red velvet ice cream



BeautyCon 2013!  Outfit:  Anthropologie dress (altered it myself) & necklace, Hollister belt, BCBG shoes, vintage Chanel bag



The event was at Siren Studios on Hollywood Boulevard…  I liked the quality of the activities and panels but the event location left something to be desired… multiple floors, hundreds of girls, and only 1 elevator.  :(  The line for the (free) event stretched around the block and I heard that girls were waiting outside in the hot sun for HOURS.



DIY phone case station:






The highlight for me was meeting some of my favorite people in person:  Amy Pham from The Platform, meeting up with my friend Anne/BeautyBitten once more, chatting with Jackie from mzjackiechu, and taking a photo with Ally from Fashion by Ally!



Christine/xteeener!!!  She was seriously so sweet and elegant… when she said she had heard of my channel I had an internal freak-out :)

Jenn from ClothesEncounters, & Anna Lee and Jesse!


AND P’TRIQUE!!! He is #totesamaze  (I just about died)



Christen and I resting our feet (we survived the day in heels!! …walking up and down multiple flights of stairs!)

I was happy to see this sweetheart Heart again :)


This little guy was downstairs giving out free chia seed-greek yogurt!  He was quite the ladies man (3 months old, mascot for Epic Seed company)



Kandee Johnson!



After a long day at BeautyCon we were starving so we grubbed at Shrimp Lovers (aka the Boiling Crab substitute with NO long lines)

This is what happens when social media addicts come together:



While eating crepes for dessert at Mr. Coffee, K.L’s instagram photo of us had us laughing for hours:


We’re only ‘terrible company’ for a portion of the meal! HAHA

I swear these ladies should write a book about taking Instagram photos of food.



Now I’m back home, back to real life.  Until next year :)  This weekend was amazing and I cannot wait until we reunite again!