Two Jobs

When I had my Etsy shop running alongside my 9-to-5 job I did feel some pressure trying to work, live life, sew orders and ship them out. But it wasn’t too bad. Etsy was more of a side job and hobby then a second job. I had a good work-life balance.

Fast forward to today… YouTube has been much more work than I had anticipated. It’s getting to the point where I’m juggling multiple company emails back and forth & social media responses on top of video filming and editing. Phew! I really need to revamp my organizational methods and write down everything onto my Google Calendar because there’s a lot on my plate right now. No one is looking over my shoulder and I’m only accountable to myself when it comes to YouTube & social media.

I will continue my day job. I’ve finally realized that my YouTube hobby is really getting serious, but I think I can handle both jobs. Double income from two jobs is the main advantage & it’ll help me save up for the future. A future wedding, possibly a future family and/or future home.

I started out as a personal finance blogger 4 years ago… and my views have not changed. I don’t write much about PF anymore because I’m trying my best to increase my income & savings. :) After all, you can only save so much by cutting costs. But the income you generate has no ceiling.

I know working two jobs is the right thing to do right now. I’m ready.

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