Wedding Planning… it’s starting!

So we are engaged… and we’re now beginning to plan out the wedding!

I haven’t thought about weddings until my late 20’s.. I haven’t pictured my perfect wedding as a young girl, I think the most I’ve done is pin a few pictures from Pinterest.  And admittedly, Say Yes To The Dress (from TLC) is one of my favorite shows to watch!  Yet I don’t really know what my dream wedding dress looks like.

A few priorities / goals:

  • The ceremony has to be outside because Buddy will be the ringbearer
  • It’ll have to be nearby our house so we can drop Buddy off prior to reception
  • I’m still a personal finance blogger at heart, I don’t want to go crazy with the budget
  • YouTube earnings for each month up until the wedding will be saved as much as possible and put away for the budget
  • Less than 100 people will attend for sure
  • I will buy a pre-owned dress or a sample sale dress because.. well I’m only wearing it once.
  • So far we’ll only have 2 people in the wedding party, my sister, and Justin’s best man.

Maybe I’m being too overzealous with these bullet points, but it’s a start I think.  I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’ve never planned a wedding before!


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