Wedding Planning: 2 Weeks In

Tomorrow we’ll be engaged for 2 weeks.

Wedding planning has already infiltrated my dreams.  I literally have wedding video songs playing in my head when I sleep.  I requested a rough quote from a photographer today and his response was “Wow! You’re an early planner!”

I’m not sure why the planning & research has already hit me (hard).  First I freaked out about the finances.  Because I thought, “a 100 person guestlist?   Oh probably $10K would suffice.”  I was totally wrong.  Let me laugh at my earlier self.  How naive!  The bay area is quite expensive.

After doing research on venues, caterers, florists, photographers, and videographers, I think I can do it under $20K.  But don’t quote me on that just yet.  I’ll be paying for this on my own.  I feel lucky to be able to do this.  I feel empowered that I can choose my vendors & venue on my own without asking for help or creating a burden for my parents.  It will take some time for me to save the money, (*cough* 2 year shopping ban) and it’s painful but it is doable.  And I’m so thankful for that.

Initially I thought to myself, oh, I’m a crafty person.  I can DIY most everything.  But after a few talks with my hair & makeup friend who does weddings, she strongly urged me to NOT do my own flowers.  She told me a horror story of her bride friend DIY’ing all of her flowers the night before by herself, staying up late putting them together, and her mother had to sleep in the same room as the flowers.. in a FREEZING cold room to keep the flowers from heat.

Uh.. I guess I’ll go with a florist.  Unless I go the succulent route (and that I can do months ahead of time).  But I’m still undecided.

But aside from all of the planning & decision making, (and staring at the ceiling at night wondering how much I’m willing to spend on photo & video) I do admit that I’m having fun.  :)

I’m excited!