Wedding Research!

I’ve been asked by a few people to blog about the wedding planning, and I don’t have much to report so far but I’ve been doing a lot of research!

We’ve visited one ceremony/reception site and I’ll be taking a look at one more on February 1st. At the moment I’m planning on having the ceremony and reception at the same place… I think it’ll be easier on the guests plus it wont cut into any photographer/videographer time.

Also, with that said… I think I’m going to have a videographer as well. For the memories. I’ve been told by a few people that they regretted not having their day on film and, well, I like taking videos for memories too. So we’re adding that onto the list.

Urgh I’m going to splurge on the photography here because it’s quite important to me! 2 photographers. And I will have a photobooth as well. I love photobooths!

As far as invites go, that will be online, as well as RSVP’s. I think stationery is cute but it’s not a high priority for me. Anyone from older generations who don’t use the internet can get some real handheld invitations but that won’t be difficult to do thanks to Target/Michael’s.

Mom has suggested that I research Chinese banquets to save money on food. Don’t get me wrong, Asian foods are my favorite foods (I’ll take a rice and something over a sandwich any day), but a far as ambiance goes, they’re not very fun (at least in my eyes). I’d rather spring for an intimate venue with buffet style food and my own decor.

Since I’m only 5’1″, no ballgowns for me! I’d look like a cupcake! I’m leaning towards mermaid styles or something that’s more fitted towards the top and hips. Fitted and still airy/floaty. I have a couple dress fittings for this week so I can see if this really works on my body in real life. I’ve found a couple that I really like, but they are from older collections. Sigh. Let me know what you think, do you choose A or B?

A: (but imagine this in ivory/white) Allure 2550

B:  La Sposa / Pronovias in Laurel (I think it’s from 2010)

They’re both fitted, with lightweight materials.  Sigh I wish they still made the Laurel.  The Allure 2550 may be easier to find in stores.