My Preowned Wedding Dress Experience… So Far

I bought my dress!  

Surprise, it’s the design on the top left! La Sposa Laurel.

I purchased it from It was originally $800, already cleaned, I offered $750 and she included her long veil. It took a while to get responses from the seller but last week I received the invoice via Paypal and paid for $40 FedEx shipping.

The dress is on its way to me and will be here on Thursday! AHH! Here’s to hoping everything turns out okay.

The only thing that was bad about buying a pre-owned dress was that many of these used wedding dress sites did not handle the transaction… for the seller is your only point of contact. It’s the same deal with hustlemybustle. For any issues, the site tells you to make a dispute with Paypal or work it out with the seller. Risky.

Tradesy was a little different. I never mentioned this before, but I also tried buying the same dress on that marketplace site. I had made a transaction with and days later the seller never responded back or contacted Tradesey to ship out. I chatted with a live Tradesy employee and he refunded me on the spot. So there’s that. They had good customer service.

Why did I buy a pre-owned dress?

I visited 3 different bridal salons/stores for fittings. The dress prices ranged from $958 to $2200.

Knowing that I already loved the Laurel dress, I tried on a few similar mermaid/trumpet styles:

$958 – Allure 2557, does not include alterations, alterations are done through an outside vendor.
$1400 – La Sposa Mirra, does not include alterations, alterations are done through an outside vendor
~$1600 – San Patrick Hanley, alterations cost $500 on top of that
~$1800 – Mikaella 1850, alterations cost $500 on top of that
$2200 – custom dress including alterations from a designer that previously worked under Vera Wang

Wedding dresses are pricey. After going to these places I decided I wanted to take a leap and purchase a used one. We’ll see if it was worth it!