DIY Birdcage Veil Results

I wanted to have a fun hair accessory for my wedding reception but after looking at birdcage veil prices online, I decided to DIY one to save some cash. And if it didn’t turn out well, then, it would be a great learning experience!

…the finished result was great!

After some googling I came across this simple birdcage tutorial from 17apart! Yes!

(The stars are a different DIY hair pin project: Felt stars, covered in glue and glitter, hot glued onto an M-shaped piece of wire)

What I bought:

1 yard of ivory netting from Ebay, $3.99
2 silver combs in a pack from Ebay, only used one, $2.49

What I had on hand:

A cut piece of tulle from the used tulle wedding veil that came with my pre-owned wedding dress
Beaded and rhinestone trim removed from my pre-owned wedding dress
Iron-on stabilizer from previous DIY projects

I loosely wrapped the netting around my head and decided on a length of 23″. If I had to do it over again I’d probably add a couple inches more. And I followed the tutorial to create the tulle wrapped comb and finished the bare birdcage veil.

To apply the beaded trim, I had to stabilize the back first. I was afraid of beading popping off once I cut off sections of the trim. I ironed on a rectangle stabilizer piece to keep the beads and threads in place.

And to make doubly sure, I knotted and threaded through the end beads … just in case.

After cutting away the excess stabilizer, I have a piece that matches the length of the comb. Just hot glue to the tulle-wrapped comb and you’re done!