3.4.14 Wedding Planning Update

It’s been a little while since my last update! And a lot of wedding planning has been completed!

– Booked venue, put in deposit
– Met with photographer, booked her
– Met with wedding coordinator, booked her
– My friend is a professional makeup artist, booked her
– Booked caterer, put in deposit
– Booked florist, put in deposit
– Got my used dress in the mail, currently at a local seamstress for fitting
– Bought $15 mint green satin heels from DSW, stretched them out a bit so they’re more comfy
– Justin’s dad will be officiant
– Justin’s uncle is a pastry chef and will work on the cake
– Justin’s artist friend will help make a design for us for the stationary/website

The only thing that hasn’t been completed is the decor. And I’ll be DIY’ing most of it. I’m slowly buying tissue paper, cardstock and craft supplies and so far, the crafting has been going well. I’m excited to see how everything turns out.

My mind is definitely in a better place right now. Before all of the above items were booked, I was pretty stressed out. I was stressed about the money being spent and the choices I was making. But in the end, I think everything will be ok. I have a savings plan in place so I won’t go into debt, I got a venue that I really wanted, and I think it’s going to leave everyone full and comfortable. At first I wanted to compromise on food and venue space because of budget, but since this isn’t just for us as a couple, and more for celebrating with the friends and family that we love, I think the extra expense is worth it. Especially since there won’t be debt, haha. ;D

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