DIY Cinderella Nail Sticker Downloadables

Nail Sticker Directions:

  1. Print out the PDF, or use the JPEGs below and resize it in Paint, Word, etc. to fit your own nail
  2. Place a clear sandwich bag above the correct sizing for your nail
  3. Take a clear top coat or base coat and apply a thick coat over the image you want and let it dry
  4. With acrylic paints or colored nail polish, “trace” over the image with a thin brush or striper, letting each layer dry between colors
  5. Peel off the sticker.  Use your nails, a toothpick or some tweezers to help start the peeling process
  6. Trim the sticker if needed
  7. Apply the sticker to your nails with a little bit of clear topcoat as glue.  Smooth down with fingers
  8. Apply topcoat over the sticker to smooth out the texture

PDF template
Shoe jpeg file (resize if needed)
Castle jpeg file (resize if needed)

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